A Street Investments exists to help our clients succeed

A Street Investments specializes in investment management research and converting that research into efficient investment portfolios that help improve financial security for our clients. Greg Kero, founder of A Street Investments, has a 19-year background in the investment management industry with most of his career spent working with large institutional investors. He is responsible for constructing and managing the various investment strategies.

A Street Investments was founded on the concept of providing individual investors access to institutional practices in investment strategy. For the past five years we have been offering individual investors investment solutions that focus on preservation of capital and long-term compounding.  We have two investment businesses:

 A Street Investments
A Street Investments is a Registered Investment Advisor managing money for individual investors and for the A Street alternative strategies.

 A Street Alternative Strategies
The A Street alternative strategies focus on providing qualified investors bespoke private investment solutions. The multi-manager credit strategy is dedicated to preserving capital and generating a high level of current income.

Please contact us to discuss your investment needs and the A Street Investments solutions.


Our Mission:

To create a unique client-centric firm with a sophisticated investment process and a culture of excellence.