The Team

We are very passionate about protecting our clients’ assets while growing them under controlled investment care.
— Greg Kero, Founder



Thank you for your interest in A Street Investments. We are a provider of investment management services to individuals and families. When I left the institutional investment world in 2009, I was approached by a number of friends and family to manage their savings alongside my own. I decided to make this a formal business that would also take in clients from outside my immediate circle. It is important to me that A Street is structured as an independent investment management business, avoiding the common conflicts of interest that must be managed by advisors or brokers who work with banks, insurance companies, or any large financial institution.

As background, I spent 14 years at Russell Investments and Silver Creek Capital, through that experience developing my investment philosophy. It was a wonderful experience. I led the sales and service efforts at various times for all of North America. I played key roles in launching two of Russell’s most profitable services that combined contributed more than $100 million annually to Russell’s top line. The one consistent focus of mine over those 14 years was working closely with institutional investors, who are billion dollar and up pools of capital. I covered clients all over the US and Canada. You would recognize many of the corporate names. My goal for A Street is to bring institutional investment disciplines to our individual clients. I have a very unique combination of experience and knowledge, very different from the advisory community.

GK Capital Partners LLC and A Street Investments, Founder and CEO (2010 to Present)
GK Capital Partners LLC (GKCP) is registered in the State of Washington as an investment advisor. GKCP advises to private funds as GKCP and provides services to individual investors under the trade name A Street Investments. Greg is responsible for portfolio management and business operations for both GKCP and A Street services.

Silver Creek Capital, Client Group Director  (2007 to 2009)
Silver Creek Capital is a provider of absolute return alternative investments, founded in 1994 with end of year 2007 AUM of $9 billion. Acquisition and management of new strategic relationships within the North American institutional investor marketplace. Managed existing client relationships across institutional and high net worth books of business.  Introduced Silver Creek funds to large institutional investors directly and to leading institutional consultants.

Russell Investments, Regional Director  (1996 to 2007)
Prior to joining Silver Creek spent 11 years with Russell Investments where served as a regional director within the Institutional Investment Services group.  In this role introduced the myriad services offered by Russell and was responsible for advising institutional investors on the implementation of customized investment solutions.  These activities touched upon securities and foreign exchange trading, portable alpha implementation, portfolio overlay services, liability-based solutions, and multi-manager investing in both the traditional and alternative asset classes.  Recipient of the Firm’s Global Sales/Service Director Award during last three years.