Funded Status answers the question; "Am I saving enough?"

We construct comprehensive financial plans for our clients by working hard to understand their goals and dreams.  We view our success through the lens of our clients successfully achieving their objectives, and continually monitor where they are relative to the plan through a measurement we call Funded Status.  


What is Funded Status and why does it matter? 

Funded Status is basically the answer to the question:

How are we doing? Are we saving enough and investing the right way to retire in the manner we desire at the age we desire? 

We are able to quantify where you stand today versus where you should be in order to meet your goals. This is important information that starts the next conversation, which is typically, Okay, that sucks, what can we do about it?

There aren’t that many levers you can pull (save more, improve investment returns, retire later, reduce financial goals) but finally creating awareness and devising a plan is powerful.  Off-loading the job of creating and managing the plan to a partner like A Street Investments will be a massive stress relief.

“goals and dreams” = future liabilities such as expenses related to retirement spending, children’s’ college, legacy goals, charitable donations, long term care considerations, buying a vacation home, travel, , etc.

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